"I've been really impressed by the KELVATEK equipment we've been using. The amount of time it has saved us when locating and repairing a fault is great news, not just for ourselves, but more importantly, for our customers."

Kevin Dennis
Performance Manager,
Scottish & Southern Energy Power Distribution


"The BIDOYNG is a pragmatic approach which dovetails beautifully with the way that we work day to day. One of the things we found working with KELVATEK is the really comprehensive support system including training, which meant that when it came to deploying the system we are able to call on that expertise to get the system turned into business as usual as efficiently as we possibly could.”

Stewart Reid
Future Networks & Policy Manager,
Scottish & Southern Energy


"BIDOYNG’s were installed on an intermittent fault affecting 30 customers and a set of traffic lights at a zebra crossing for a school. This circuit consisted of 3 routes: 113m, 155m and 191m respectively.

After 2 weeks of installing the BIDOYNG’s to manage the fault we had a SELF fault location of 40.6 metres. This pointed us to a T/box at around 38 to 40 meters from our cable records. The fault was found to be this T/box. Our customers were protected from the fault by the BIDOYNG and SELF once again located the fault."

David Vallely FAE fault Engineer,
Northern Ireland Electricity


"Another Spot on result for the REFLEKT TDR Cable Fault Location. The faulted cable had gone open circuit on all three phases. I removed fuses at 18:00 for 5 minutes to get a location of 38M. I returned the next day to cut away towards the fault isolating one side, no customers affected. And then isolated from S/S at 14:00 till 15:15 so in total customers were off 1hr 20 mins thanks to a spot on fault location. There were 48 customers off this feeder including shops. REFLEKT showed 38m expected and 1m other candidate. This was the location of a joint from our network maps."


Gary Edgar-AymsUK Power Networks